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Portable Battery Generators

GenZero - Battery Powered Portable Generators | NightSearcher

Rechargeable, Battery Powered Generators

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Introducing GenZero, NightSearcher’s innovative range of battery powered generators. A selection of three portable generators designed to provide reliable and efficient power to areas where it’s needed the most. Perfect for both industrial and residential applications, GenZero portable power generators provide maximum electric power with zero emissions.

We’re proud to have developed what we consider a selection of the best inverter generators available.

GenZero 500Wh - Small Generator for Home | NightSearcher

GenZero 500W

500Wh Capacity Battery

Small Generator for Home


Continous Output


Peak Output

GenZero 1000Wh and 2000Wh - Industrial Generators | NightSearcher

GenZero 800W

2000Wh Capacity Battery

Industrial Portable Power Station


Continous Output


Peak Output

GenZero 3000Wh - Portable Industrial Generator | NightSearcher

GenZero 1800W

3000Wh Capacity Battery

Portable Industrial Generator


Continous Output


Peak Output

GenZero Portable Power Generators

Key Features

SportStar Kit - Lightweight and Compact | NightSearcherLightweight & Compact

Each GenZero model is a compact generator that is light enough to be moved and positioned with ease. The fully mobile generators weigh in from as little as 5Kg up to a maximum 25Kg.

GenZero - Quick and Easy Setup | NightSearcherQuick & Easy Setup

GenZero is incredibly easy to use. With ultra-fast charging times, each battery powered generator is always ready for operation. Run power tools, lights or appliances with superior battery run times.

GenZero - Durable, Powerful Battery Pack | NightSearcherDurable, Powerful, Rechargeable Generator

Our portable power stations provide pure sine wave AC output at 50-60Hz across either 110V or 230V output voltages. With high power outputs across the range, choose from a GenZero model with continous output power ranging from 500W up to 1800W - enough to operate a broad range of tools and on-site lighting.

Protective Safety Measures

All our GenZero models come complete with a full spectrum of built-in safety features to ensure they deliver a safe and reliable power supply in even the most extreme of conditions.

GenZero - Overheating Protection | NightSearcher

Overheating Protection

GenZero - Over Current Protection | NightSearcher

Over Current Protection

GenZero - Over Charge Protection | NightSearcher

Over Charge Protection

GenZero - Over Discharge Protection | NightSearcher

Over Discharge Protection

GenZero - Short Circuit Protection | NightSearcher

Short Circuit Protection

Technical Specifications

Model GenZero 500W GenZero 800W GenZero 1800W
Battery Capacity 500Wh 2000Wh 3000Wh
Continuous Output 500W 800W 1800W
Peak Output 800W 1600W 3600W
AC Output Voltage 110V or 230V
DC Outputs 12V/10A (Max) 12V/10A (Max) 12V/3A (Max)
Frequency Range 50-60Hz
Wave Type Pure sine wave
USB Outputs 2x Type-C Output: PD60W | 2x USB-A Output:12V/1.5A N/A 1x 5V/1A
Charging Input 20.0VDC 5A adaptor 29.4VDC 10A adaptor TBD
Charge Methods AC-DC mains charger | Solar panel charger | Vehicle charger
Battery Type Rechargeable Lithium Ion
Charging Time 3-4 hours 3-4 hours | 6-8 hours 6 hours
Life of Battery More than 3000 cycles
IP Rating IP44/IP54/IP65 depending on AC output plug fitted
Protection Over Charge | Over-voltage | Over temperature | Overload | AC short circuit protection | Over Current
Supplied with AC mains charger
Net Weight 5Kg 10Kg | 16Kg 25Kg
Dimensions (LxWxH) 241 x 161 x 181 mm 413 x 260 x 156 mm 348 x 205 x 458 mm

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