Leaders In Rechargeable, Portable and Professional LED Lighting Solutions

With over 30 years industry experience, NightSearcher continues to push the boundaries of LED lighting technology. In our quest to design adewdwedwednd manufacture the best portable, rechargeable and professional lighting systems on the market, we offer unsurpassed quality combined with fully supported reliability.

Explore our diverse range of rechargeable lighting and AC mains LED lighting - we have something to offer for a whole host of professional, industrial and residential applications.

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New & Upgraded Products

At NightSearcher we're continually innovating to deliver new and improved products. We embrace the latest in technology and engineering to make our products even better.

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Sports Lighting

Illuminate the Game with Precision and Brilliance. Explore our cutting-edge lighting solutions designed to enhance the visibility, safety, and overall experience of sports events.

GenZero - Portable Power Stations

GenZero - Rugged and reliable, eco-friendly power for all applications. Available in 500, 800,1800W Outputs.

Featured Products

Seasonal Favourites

Professional LED Head Lights

High-Powered, Rechargeable & Battery Operated LED Head Torches

Our range of head torches make use of the latest in LED and lithium battery technologies, enabling us to provide top quality, super bright head torches with superior battery run times.

Covering a wide range of applications ranging from sports, commercial and industrial work, and leisure activities such as dog walking and camping, you're bound to find the correct head torch for your needs.

Guaranteed After Sales Service

Built to last, with peace of mind assured.

NightSearcher’s professional products are carefully designed and manufactured to the highest of standards to ensure the reliability and durability our customers need – in even the harshest of environments.

All our products are covered by our 3-year warranty as standard - extendable to 5 years upon registration, to protect you against the unlikely case of any defects in manufacturing.

Why Choose NightSearcher?

Extendable Warranty | NightSearcher

Extendable Warranty

NightSearcher's products are carefully designed and manufactured to the highest standards and are backed by our 3-year warranty extendable to 5 years by registering online.

Ultra Bright LED Technology | NightSearcher

Ultra Bright

Using the latest high-eficacy LED lamps, the NightSearcher range is a high-powered offering with unrivalled build quality and brightness.

Long-Life Lithium Batteries | NightSearcher

Long-Life, Ultra-Safe Lithium Ion Batteries

We use high-quality lithium-ion batteries for all but a few of our product range. They allow us to provide the high-performance, durable products our customers are used to.

British Design and Engineering | NightSearcher

British Design & Manufacture

NightSearcher continues to push the boundaries of LED lighting technology in its quest to design and manufacture the best portable rechargeable lighting systems on the market.

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